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Asian Cuisine

Szechuan Chicken


Chinese is one of my favorite cuisines, and one of the first cuisines I mastered. From what I have heard authentic Chinese food is very different than American Chinese or Indo Pak Chinese food which is my style of cooking Chinese food. Pakistan and China share a border which is […]


Bhindi (Okra) Masala


Bhindi or Okra is a very understated vegetable probably because of its slimy nature. However, in the last decade or so its been labeled a super vegetable due to its medicinal properties. That’s right! I said super vegetable with medicinal properties. Okra has so many health benefits that include cancer […]




Pizza needs no introduction. It’s been around forever and its popularity has not changed a slight bit. There are many versions of it from hand tossed to thin crust to deep dish to now the very popular cauliflower crust. Every generation has tweaked this classic dish to fit the needs […]


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread


Let me tell you if you all don’t already know that banana bread recipe is the most searched recipe on the internet. I am no baker but there are a few things I like to bake and banana bread is one of them. Ever since I had kids one fruit […]


Power Three Bean Salad


I love beans, and I enjoy eating them in various ways but the best one so far has been in salads. I love pairing beans with fresh crunchy vegetables, the contrast between the soft smooth creaminess of beans with the freshness of crunchy bits is like a party in my […]

Pakistani / Indian

Curry Khawsa (Khao-Soi)

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Curry Khawsa is a Memon Pakistani version of Burmese Khao Soi. Growing up Curry Khawsa was made on special occasion or family get togethers, now its an everyday staple in my home due to easy accessibility and affordability of ingredients. Back in the day the curry was made with freshly […]


Chimichurri Sauce


Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce which originated in Argentina.  It can be used in cooking, for marination or as a table condiment for grilled meats. It is available in a green and red version and contains fresh herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, oregano, minced garlic with a hint of chili. […]