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Frontier Chicken

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Frontier chicken is a spicy, tangy tomato based gravy with peppers and onions. It gets its name from the area of Pakistan its popular in, which is the northwest or the frontier of Pakistan. It’s especially popular at the highway dhabas (truck stops). Frontier chicken is more popular in the United […]

Meat, Pakistani / Indian, Ramadan Recipes

Keema Aloo


Keema Aloo is one of the most staple dishes in any south Asian home, its ground meat of choice beef/chicken/lamb and potatoes cooked in a tomato based gravy with minimal spices easily available at home. It is very versatile and can be enjoyed with naan/roti or rice. In my family […]


Shrimp Scampi Without Wine


The literal meaning on Shrimp Scampi is ‘Shrimp Lobster’ which doesn’t make sense in theory but this term became popular because Italian chefs in the United States substituted Shrimp in a recipe that used Lobster also known as Scampi. So basically Shrimp Scampi is Shrimp prepared scampi-style. I hope that […]

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Dhaba Chai (Tea)


Tea is most loved drink in the Indian subcontinent. With variations from all cultures and regions you will find that it boils down to literally 4 main ingredients, tea, milk, water and sugar. Some people liked like their tea spiced and others sweet but the purpose of tea is to […]




kalakand is a popular Indian subcontinent sweet made with sweetened, solidified milk. Traditionally cooked for hours in ghee and made with fresh milk, it is slow cooked until milk reduces and turns into sweet, solid milk curdles. Here I am sharing a simple, quick cooking microwave method shared by my […]