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kalakand is a popular Indian subcontinent sweet made with sweetened, solidified milk. Traditionally cooked for hours in ghee and made with fresh milk, it is slow cooked until milk reduces and turns into sweet, solid milk curdles. Here I am sharing a simple, quick cooking microwave method shared by my […]




Makeover on thick, long, curly, frizzy hair, I gave her long layers and lightened her hair by texturing the ends to giver her hair more movement and easy manageability.

Asian Cuisine

Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup


This chicken ramen noodle soup is perfect for winter, its hearty and comforting and with notes of floral sezchewan peppercorn, sweet cinnamon, licorice fennel and star anise its a tongue teaser for sure. The sezchewan chili oil is the cherry on top and elevates this simple soup to the next […]

Pakistani / Indian

Mutton Paya – Mutton Trotters


This famous South Asian main course is made with the trotters (hoofs) of a goat or cow. Traditionally the trotters are cooked for hours until they release their gelatin which is considered good for people who have arthritis and knee problems. My recipe uses the traditional spices but the cook […]


Italian Bomboloni Donuts

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Bomboloni Donuts have gotten their fair share of popularity lately, especially in the Chicago land area after the popular joint Bombo Bar made its way to the top of Chicago’s must try spots. Bomboloni’s are hole less italian donuts filled with lip smacking fillings, popular ones are Nutella, vanilla creme, […]